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Law and Parliamentary Affairs
The Honorable Governor of Sindh, summon the Provincial Assembly of Sindh to meet on Monday the 5th day of June, 2017 at 03.00 p.m. at Sindh Assembly Building, Karachi.   *   E-HRM Performa for Employees Information   *   
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Download Acts
I The Sindh Special Assistants ACT,2003 Download Feb 17, 2005
II The Sindh Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education ACT,2005 Download Jul 06, 2005
III THE SINDH FINANCE ACT, 2005 Download Jul 06, 2005
IV The Sindh Civil Servants ACT,2004 Download Jul 28, 2005
V The National University of Management Computer Science and Technology Act, 2005 Download Jul 28, 2005
VI The Private Universities and Educational Institute ACT,2004 Download Nov 12, 2005
VII The ZIAUDDIN Medical University ACT,2003 Download Dec 13, 2005
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